Merry Christmas 2019.

Merry Christmas everyone.

So very thankful for everything that I have right. As I sit here and sip on a martini and listen to some instrumental Christmas music, I find myself reflecting back on the many amazing Christmases I have had. 

Although, I must admit that Christmas does not seem the same without all of my 4 kids here at home. With the boys gone, it just does not seem the same. But, such is life. I cannot keep them here forever. 

2020 is going to be an amazing year! Many new things to come! 

I’m truly looking forward to the new year!  So much to come on the horizon! 2020 is going to be an amazing year! Very thankful to be in this position! 

Merry Christmas everyone! 

As the year of the rabbit comes to an end, the year of the Dragon quickly approaches. 2011 was a good year, filled with many ups and downs, good times and bad times. 2011 seemed to last about as long as a decade. My medical board started around January and lasted until the end of October. So much has happened in this year, I’m not ready to write about it all now.  As I adjust to retired life and prepare for my 2nd career, I find myself missing the camaraderie of my military brother and sisters.  Although I’m glad I have moved on, especially when I think about the deployments and time away from family.

Anyway, enough about that.  The kids had a good Christmas.  Money is tight, but we’re surviving.  We are together as a family and safe.  We have much to be thankful for!

My thought are with our troops that are overseas!  May you come home safe and sound!

2012 WILL BE A BETTER YEAR!  And that’s that!

With only 7 days and counting until Christmas 2011,  I must admit, this is among the worst Christmases ever.  Although being deployed during Christmas was certainly not fun, Christmas without money is almost equally no fun.  Retirement from the Air Force wasn’t what I expected.  Getting my money is apparently not a priority of the Military.

I am, however, grateful that my family and I are all together and healthy.  Yesterday, early in the morning a real close friend of mine died.  The cause of the death is unknown; does not really matter.  She was too young to die.  Why does this happen?  Who knows?  Our families were supposed to spend time together this holiday.  No family should ever have to go through this… This has been on my mind since I found out yesterday.

As the cursor blinks, the words seem to have frozen.  Enough for now… ciao!

Greetings fellow reader(s):

I hope all everyone has  had a wonderful Christmas, regardless of what religious background you claim.  I had a great Christmas with my Family this year.  Of course, any Christmas one spends with thier family would certainly be a great Christmas.  Eventhough this Christmas didn’t have the living room floor covered in presents like it did in past years.  The economy hits home here in Japan, perhaps not as hard as it has hit in the Untied States, but we certainly feel it as well.

Other than being with Family, another highlight would be the Wii the kids got for Christmas.  When the kids opened it, I couldn’t wait to play it.  Of course, I was the first one playing on it.

Yet another year has passed.  The Year 2009 will certainly be a memorable year for Americans and the world.  A new President who I hope restores the way the world views the Americans.  Someone who loves to travel the world, I don’t really want to be viewed as a “Bully,” which is how many countries of the world views us.  When I visit certain countries, I actually tell people I’m Canadian.

Enough for now, HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!  Stay safe and take care of yourself and your Family.