With only 7 days and counting until Christmas 2011,  I must admit, this is among the worst Christmases ever.  Although being deployed during Christmas was certainly not fun, Christmas without money is almost equally no fun.  Retirement from the Air Force wasn’t what I expected.  Getting my money is apparently not a priority of the Military.

I am, however, grateful that my family and I are all together and healthy.  Yesterday, early in the morning a real close friend of mine died.  The cause of the death is unknown; does not really matter.  She was too young to die.  Why does this happen?  Who knows?  Our families were supposed to spend time together this holiday.  No family should ever have to go through this… This has been on my mind since I found out yesterday.

As the cursor blinks, the words seem to have frozen.  Enough for now… ciao!

Once again, I seem to have forgotten that I even own a website. November 2010 was the last time I wrote in here. guess I just haven’t had much to say. So much has been going on in my life and the lives of my precious family.

I have recently updated my website from handwritten HTML/PHP to a CMS (Content Management System). This certainly makes my life easier. As I get older, I seem to get lazier with regards to coding. Why hand code your pages when there is no longer a need. As a comparison, why use an Atlas or a paper map and a hi-lighter when you can simply use a GPS. Technology has certainly made our lives easier in so many ways.

As the summer approaches, our family is bracing for a big change… to be announced at a later date once everything is final. Enough for now…

Another weekend is upon us.  The year is creeping by.  Northern Japans short summer is in our rear view mirrors as the we pass the welcome sign for winter.  Icy temperatures are upon us as the lows are getting in the 30’s now.  I’m not sure how we’re going to have fun trick-er-treating this year if it’s this cold.  The kids will have to have jackets on covering up their costume.  But that’s ok… I’m sure the kids will have fun just the same.  We’re planning a cookout this halloween and are inviting some filipino friends from Hatch over.

I haven’t been writing in here as much as I want to lately.  My mind has been clouded with lots of stuff that’s going on in my life and with the Military.  I do not want to get into any detail until things come to a head.  So much is going on… the Military has changed alot, and I’m not convinced it has changed for the good.  Enough about that.  I’m supposed to be going out this weekend… but we’ll see how I feel.  I know since I have to be at work by 4 in the morning, I know I want to try to catch up on some sleep. 

That’s enough for now… I’m at work, and I need to open excel or something to make it look like I’m working on something important.   A putty window with nano and some colored code doesn’t look good when you’re a truck driver…