Yet another year is about to pass, as such, so should the old look. I was going for a “paper” look, to match the “theme” I have for my main site. Doesn’t really match, but it will work.  It is my intention to write more in my blog in 2012.

I really hope 2012 to be a prosperous year for our family. We certainly need some prosperity! I will go back to school next month getting my computer certifications. North West Florida State College is my weapon of choice.  I should come out with Comptia A+, Security+, Linux+, and Network+ and a College Certificate in IT Technology.

Looking for something different, I recently downloaded and installed Ubuntu on my netbook. I have been a LOYAL Sabayon Linux user for many years now. I still use Sabayon, but wanted to learn another distribution. Since Ubuntu seems to be a popular distribution, I thought I would give it a try.

I first downloaded the Ubuntu netbook remix, but I hated the interface. Then, I downloaded and installed the standard desktop edition (10.04). On my Hannspree Hanns Note Netbook, installation worked like a champ. No issues, wireless and bluetooth worked out of the box. 10.04 is fast and responsive. Webcam and hotkeys worked too.

Linux basic commands are all the same, but there are some differences between Sabayon and Ubuntu. I’m working on getting used to the new commands like apt-get.

Fellow Readers… (Whomever that may be…)

Just some updates.  July was a busy month for me.  My little baby had to have surgery, so we were flown Hawaii where Doctors at Tripler Army Medical Center (TAMC) operated on my little girl.  The surgery went well, and we are very thankful.

It was very nice to visit Hawaii, but I was glad, as always, to get back home.  My Dad was fortunate enough to make it over to be with Audrey and I during the surgery.  This was the first time he had flown since around 1966.  Airports and aircraft have changed dramatically since then, huh?

I’m back to work now, and actually looked forward to coming to work for the first time in a long time.  The weather is raining, as usual this time in the pacific.  August is just around the corner, and school will be starting.

Sabayon Linux 3.5 was released while I was gone.  I’m downloading it now, and will install it when it’s done downloading or later on this week.  Probably won’t be done downloading until later on this week.  My ISP sucks over here.

As far as my website goes, I plan on redoing it once again.  It needs a new look.  I’m pretty much tired of the look.  And since I have more time now, I plan on hand coding my new site.  As soon as I come up with a color scheme, I’ll get busy.

Enough for now… I’ll try to post more later and include some photo’s I took in Hawaii…


I think the majority of the world uses Microsoft Products. Whether it’s Windows XP/Vista or Microsoft Office. Like a Southern Baptist Preacher, I feel it my responsibility to let the world know that there are free alternatives out there that not only does the same thing that Microsoft Products do, they do even more. The type of software I’m talking about is called Open Source Software. Open Source Software is software that is available for all to change, copy, distribute, etc.

Windows XP/Vista

Most households are familiar with Windows. Whether it’s XP or Vista, “Windows” is in nearly every home in America and probably across the world. Most businesses use Windows. Most schools use Windows. Most people don’t know that there are other Operating Systems (OS’s) out there. In the past few years, since Malware, Virii, and Spam is up, I’ve noticed that Apple have increased their sales of Macintosh computers. Apple/Mac computers do not use “Windows,” they use a Linux based OS called “OS X.” Since MAC OS X isn’t a Windows based OS, Viruses, Spyware and Malware are all incompatible. Now, don’t get confused, OS X isn’t Open Source Software. I just mentioned it because it’s an alternative to Windows. OS X, still costs you money. Now, what I use is called Linux. Linux is a Unix based OS that is yet another of the many Alternatives to Windows. Check this page out: DISTRO WATCH to learn more about the different Distro’s or Versions of Linux that’s available. Ubuntu and PCLinuxOS is probably the best to start off with. By getting rid of Windows and getting Linux, you’re saying goodbye to Spyware, Malware, and Viruses. You’re also saying goodbye to the famous “Blue Screen of Death” (BSoD).


Another Microsoft product that people think they can’t live without is MS Office. You know Word, Excel, Power Point, etc. There are several alternatives to Microsoft Office products as well. The most known (I think) and the one I use is an Office Suite by Sun Microsystems called Open Office. You can check it out at Open Office does everything that MS Office does and looks just as good. MS Office was required for my classes, but Open Office works just fine. And most importantly, it’s 100% Microsoft Office Compatible. So there’s no excuse for not switching NOW. Also, it’s available for Windows, Mac, & Linux.

Open Source Software is a great FREE alternative to Commercial software. For everything you do in Windows or Mac, there’s an alternative in Linux that’s just as good or better. If you have any questions on Free Alternative Software, feel free to contact me and I’ll see what I can do to help!