In an attempt to get an MP3 player that is more compatible with Linux, I decided to get rid of my Microsoft Zune.  With the Zune, you have to use the Microsoft Zune software.  Obviously Microsoft don’t support any operating system other than Windows. Since I run Linux on all of my computers, I need an MP3 player that will work seamlessly with my operating system.

At the BX there was an iAudio M5 (20 gig) mp3 player on clearance for $127, so I picked it up.  It is compatible with linux, windows, and mac.  So, if you use an Operating system other than Windows, perhaps you should consider purchasing and iAudio product.  The only downside is, this product don’t play video, but, when I had the Zune, who want’s to watch a video on a 2 inch screen anyway?  Not me.