After paying someone to mod my kids PSP, I decided to attempt to mod the WII myself.  It was quite easy and didn’t take as long as I anticipated.  The longest part is downloading the games to a USB hard drive.








This screen shows the games that are downloaded to the hard drive.

Here is the main screen with the home brew channel.  The Homebrew Channel is the channel that gives you access to the Games that are downloaded on the USB hard drive.







Like the PS3, the WII can now play movies and music from your network wirelessly.








Here’s the WII Media Center main Screen.  As you can see, I have my recorded TV Shows, movies, and music on there.  Works really well, in fact, the WII plays some video files that the PS3 will not play.


I did have an issue where a game would not play off of the HD and had to put the disc in.  but other than that, it has been smooth sailing thus far.