This was the long awaited, camp and trail ride.  I was really looking forward to this.  I got a chance to hang out with some great people and do some offroading.  Although I was not driving a Jimny, I think my Toyota Hilux Surf (4Runner),  held up rather nicely.

Everyone lining up to “Head for the Mountains… ” 

Getting Ready to leave


 Jaymie & Omee (Spelling?)


Another Mountain Trail

another mountain trail


“Mountain Man…” going down GOOD HIGHWAY!

up in the air


Jaymie… ドキューン! 撃たれたー!  でもかわゆいから許してあげる!



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More later…



Happy Veterans Day!!!

Happy Veterans Day all! It’s a bit rainy here in Northern Japan… don’t think it has stopped in 3 or 4 days.

Still working on CSS, tweaking my main site here and there, & trying to learn what I can. Not much to say, it’s about lunch time and I’m going to go downtown and get something in the Japanese Grocery Store. Speaking of those stores, I put some video here & some pics here of a grocery store & a Wal-Mart/Home-Depot style store. Let me know what you think & post a comment…