Since that I have been on night shift, I have been missing my Aikido Classes.  I feel bad, that is good training which is just as good for your mind and spirit.  I’m going to try to get back into going next month.  For some reason I feel guilty.  I could actually go atleast once a week.  Since I work weekend duty, I could go on the Wednesday class.  But the problem is, I would never get any time to spend with the kids.  Since I work nights (actually swings… we don’t have a nite shift), when I leave for work, the kids are not home from school yet, and when I get home the kids are already in bed.  In the morning, I’m sleeping while they are getting ready for school.  So I don’t even see the kids until Wednesdays, my days off are Wednesday and Thursday.  I need to get in the gym and practice my ukimi before I get back into the class.