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Linux -vs- Windows

Recently, while trying to customize my Windows XP desktop, I got tired of everything I found costing money.  I mean, Windows XP cost enough.  You think, for the price of Windows XP, you could chage it to make it look the way you want.  I mean, you bought it, it’s your copy, it’s yoru comptuer — right?  Guess not!  Seems like every website you visit now-a-days has some sort of popup.  Malacious code built in to track what sites you visit and what type of toilet paper or whether or not you purchase lubricated or non-lubricated condoms.

Listen, I’ve been "surfin’" the net since around 1991 or ’92.  Of course, surfing the net back then was slightly different than surfing the net today.  All I had was my free dialup account at Tallahassee Freenet.  It was a unix shell account.  Actually… I’m forgetting… before this account, it was all BBS’s.  You dial into someone’s computer that had the BBS software running.  I remember the different boards, one in paticular was Wildcat BBS.  Anyway, I did have email… my 1st email address was <noscript></noscript>.  I remember using PINE & Elm email clients.  These were all CLI (command line) based email clients, that actually were pretty fast.  I remember using the GOPHER:// protocol to visit libraries.  Don’t remember what I did at the libraries.  I remember going to NYSERnet, can’t remember what it was, some library in NY.  I remember using TELNET, telnetting to different freenets around the world.  Wondering what it would be like to visit that country.  Using IRC to chat to people in real time on the other side of the world; wondering what it would be like to meet someone from China, Germany, Japan, or wherever.  I don’t think that I actually had a reason visitiing these other freenets, other than just being able to connect to another computer system that was on the other side of the world.  Back to my story:  this first unix shell account was my first experience of the "real" internet.  There were no fancy HTML pages that you used a web browser to visit, there were no large graphics that needed downloaded.  It was all text for me.  I had to learn unix command line.  It was a must to get around.  This was my first experience with a *nix type OS like Linux.  I didn’t actually start experimenting with linux for some time after.  I still have that same account today.  Although tye will be shutting down next month.

Back to my first paragraph.  I was pretty much tired of getting the Norton Antivirus Popups from viruses detected while surfing some websites.  I’m really tired of finding a "FREE" program online and install it, to find out that it actually isn’t free.  It’s full of malacious code and/or viruses that slows your computer down.  What?  You don’t want the SPYWARE?  Then just go to their website and pay for it… I mean… it’s easy right, they accept creditcards, paypal, checks, moneyorders… they probably accept carrier pigeon, although you wouldn’t get what you ordered until the pigeon actually made the delivery.  I don’t know how many times I have went over to peoples houses to "fix" their computers because they have a virus.  I mean, it’s no wonder.  Just about anything you download off the internet as a virus in it.  It’s not safe to download anything anymore.  It’s not like there’s still a such thing as public domain software outhere.

Now, Linux on the other hand, comes with virus free, free software.  Yes, I did use the word free right next to eachother.  I mean… it’s free!  No need to send a payment via carrier pigeon to unlock this software.  There’s no banners or popups, no viruses or spyware.  Just software.  And if you don’t like the software, just change it to meet your needs.  Now, I’m no programmer, although I can write a COUT statement, and I can do a loop in BASIC.  But, unlike windows, if you don’t like the way your desktop looks, or you don’t like the way your desktop functions, simply change desktops or change the way your current desktop looks.  Linux has many desktops to choose from, right now , I’m using the KDE desktop, using Beryl for my 3D effects.  This looks much better than Windows at a significant reduction in price.  I paid $0 (US) or ¥0.  Actually I couldn’t tell you how much Windows cost without looking it up.  I have never purchased a copy of Windows.  The only reason I have a legal copy of Windows XP is that it came with my comptuer.  Actually, the first thing I did when I bought my COMPAQ (yes, I bought a COMPAQ, it was on $400 on clearance) was to reformat the HD and re-install windows without all that crap COMPAQ thinks you need.

Ok, I’m pretty much tired of typing.  I think I’m minutes away from carpel tunnel syndrom.  So I’m going to end for now.  Please keep in touch by visiting my website @ and look for my Linux section.  And remember, to conduct your online shopping by clicking on my links at

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