Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  It has been a while since I’ve posted, and some of you may have noticed the site wasn’t working.  This is fixed now, HOPEFULLY.  Christmas has passed, we had a good Christmas, not as much was under the tree this year as last year, but we were together and there was plenty of food on the table.  That is what’s important.

There is snow on the ground, not very much, but you can see some white.  It’s not as cold this year as it was in past years from what I’m being told.

I can’t beleive that 2007 is upon us.  It seems like the years are passing by so fast.  Kids are growing up faster than you think… miles (or kilometers in my case) are stacking up on your vehicle.

We will be bringing 2007 in with lots of food, friends and family here in our house tonight…  So if you’re here, please come by and eat around 7pm.  Trust me, there will be so much food, we could feed Ethiopia.  

 Enough for this post…