Another Friday is here.  It seems like time just cruises along at turbo speeds.  It’s hard to believe that I have been living in Japan for 14 months now.  It seems like it was only last week I was at the Passenger terminal waiting on our bags to get unloaded from the plane.  A lot has happened within these 14 months.  I have traveled all over the Country, seen lots of stuff, made new friends, and most importantly explored a new culture – a culture rich in traditions and history.

Speaking of history.  Today is my oldest brother’s birthday.  He was killed in a car accident Christmas of 1997.  So today my thoughts are with him, and his family.  I was stationed in Korea at the time.  I remember my 1st Sergeant giving me the call.  I ended up not going home for the funeral.  Looking back, I probably should have went, but that was going to be several thousand dollars out of pocket.  The military don’t pay for your plane tickets if there’s a death in the Family.  But there is help available.  The Air Force Aid Society will lend you the money but I would have had to pay it back, and I didn’t want to do that.  I know it sounds bad, but that’s the decision I made.  Anyway, Happy Birthday Brother!

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