Greetings all:

Halloween is finally over.  I decided to have a little “get together” at my house halloween night, but didn’t seem to work out.  I bought 4 racks of ribs (2 pork/2 beef); my wife made loompia, I cooked backed beans on the grill, burgers, sausage, & dogs.  My wife made some extra filipino dishes.  I invited a bunch of people from the shop, all the girls from Pegasus in Hatch plus a few more.  Only one person from the Shop showed up, 3 of cathy’s friends from Hatch (none from Pegasus), and I had enough food for an Army.  Ended up giving a huge pan of Ribs to the shop so Hastings and the Japanese can eat them, to keep them from going to waste. 

On top of all that, I felt like krap.  I was getting sick, I knew it, I felt it coming on.  Needless to say, the next morning when I had to be at work at 4am, I felt it even more.  I felt extremely thursty, and nausious.  I started throwing up once I finally got to work.  I didn’t even shave, I probably looked like shit.  Once 7am arrived, I called the appointment hotline and made myself an appointment, Cathy took me to the Doc at 9am and they gave me an IV, with 1 bag saline & 25 mg Phenegran.  I felt better, but it wasn’t over.  I’m just now starting to feel better.  My nose is still a bit runny, but other than that, I’m better.  The Doc did put me on 48 hrs quarters, so I didn’t have to work the remainder of Thursday or Friday, which was awesome, but in retrospect, I’d rather be at work.

Ok, in the middle of typing this (or after the last save, my website crashed, so I lost the other stuff, and I don’t feel like re-typing it…. mainly because I don’t remember what the heck I typed.  It was down for a good 30 mins.  Maybe it will come back to me later.