Finally got a laptop! My old laptop bit the dust and had to be thrown in the trash can — literally!

Got me a Sony Vaio (VGN-N250E), which came with Windows Vista. Worked fine for a while, looked ok, but as usual with windows, you are limited as to how much you can configure the look and feel. Plus, in the week or so that I had the laptop explorer was constant crashing, and I had a couple of system crashes. Finally got Sabayon Linux installed and my wireless is working great. NO MORE VIRII for me.

Just thought I would share that with you!

I have been neglecting both my website and my blog lately.  Between things going on at work and home, plus I’m back to taking classes now, it’s been a bit hecktic here at the house. 

Let’s see… looking back, haven’t written anything in here since right before Thanksgiving.  I thought since it was winter time, I would have more time to work on these things.  We had a nice Thanksgiving.  Food was exellent and of course, it seems that I possibly have gained a pound or two. 😛 

Now that December is here, Christmas is around the corner, we’re almost done with our Christmas shopping.  Why do kids as for such expensive presents?  Geeze… I don’t remember getting anything like that when I was a kid.  When I was 10, I was happy to get toy cars and tractors and such, now it’s Electronic Games, IPODs and the like.  Games are $30 to $50 dollars a pop, IPODs are $200, Nintendo DS’ are $130… chick-ching!!!  I’m keeping a tally so the kids will pay me back 🙂 !!!

Enough for now!  It’s getting late, and I need to get ready for bed.  The shower is calling me.