I was given an old laptop.  It is a Dell Lattitude Cpi D300XT.  It has a blazin’ 300 mhz processor, a whopping 64 megs of ram, I think it had a bad 6 gig HD, so I stuck an old 20 gig HD I had laying around in it.  I knew with 64 megs of ram, I wouldn’t be able to run XP, I wasn’t about to revert to Windows 9x, so I decided to run linux on it.

That’s a good thing about linux, it don’t require a fast processor & large amounts of memory to run a basic system.  I started with Damn Small Linux, I didn’t like that one, then tried Puppy Linux, I liked it better, but wasn’t exactly what I was looking for.  Then tried  Deli Linux, Not bad, but had problems configuring my network.  Then to Slackware Linux, Didn’t like it… finally I tried XUbuntu, which is an Ubuntu distro running the XFCE4 window manager.  It runs decent on it, a little slow, but works & looks great.  I’ll post some screenshot later on.  Has everything I need on it:  IRC, Mail, Firefox, & Office Applications.  Additionlly, Linux running XFCE4 looks much better than… say Windows 9x; plus it’s more secure & stable.

If you have an old laptop, and want to “revive” it, then I would suggest putting linux on it, you’re welcome to contact me with any questions or if you need help.