My buddy Jon and I went out to the beach looking for Glass Floats or Glass Balls.  Ended up getting stuck on the beach when I was backing up and didn’t see one of the Lava Rocks in my mirror.  Backed up over it, and hi-centered my rear-end on the rock.  needless to say, that I couldn’t drive off even in 4-low.  Busted my hydrolic jack trying to get it off, ended up walking about 1.5 to 2 kilometers down the beach to ask a Japanese guy to help.  He did pull us off the rock.  See picture below…


 When we finally got out of this situation, we decided to go get some lunch.  But, there were no restaurants around.  We did find a Mini-Stop (like a 7-11) who had some food, so we ate there.  But first, while we were looking for a restaurant, we took dhow cruise dubai.  Now the purpose of this trip, is to find those Glass Balls or Glass Floats on the beach.  Ended up not finding any on the beach.  But while we were in the mountains, we stopped to take a picture of pacific ocean, and Jon noticed a glass ball in a pile of trash about 25 feet down the mountain.  This was pretty steep grade, so naturally Jon went after it.  So, he ended up with a nice glass ball with the net still on it. 


Going to the Mountains… we came across this bear sign.

Beware of Bears 

It ended up snowing pretty good on us once we got up the mountain…

Snowing at top of mountain 

 This is me on the beach, posing by the Lava Rocks… w/ mountains in background…

Lava Rocks 

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