You know, being on convalescent leave is not too bad.  I mean, I get paid to lay around the house and get better.  In fact, I got 18 days off for free.  These days don’t count  against my 30 days annual paid vacation, which is a good thing. 

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not all good… I did run out of my drugs yesterday, and my knee hurts.  The swelling persists, today is day number 8, since surgery.  Walking still is a task, assisted by crutches you’ll see me hobbling around.

I think the worst thing, other than the pain, is not being able to take a shower.  I am addicted to hot showers, and not being able to take a shower is driving me crazy.  What I do, is stick half my body in the shower, with my bad leg out with the knee wrapped so it will not get wet, and shower that way.  Hopefully, next week after my follow up I will be able to take a shower.  It gets boring laying around the house. 

Greetings all,

October was a busy month.  I aged yet another year, at 35 years old I had my first surgery.  I had knee surgery on Wednesday.  Currently my knee is slightly larger than a softball/grapefruit and it hurts.  

We took the kids to Busch Gardens Williamsburg for some Halloween fun last weekend.  They have Hallowscream there, and it was certainly an interesting experience.

And finally, this weekend the kids will walk around the neighborhood and get free sugar.  I was considering handing out broccoli…

What a boring Columbus Day. Not that I’m celebrating this day. hey, it’s another paid day off work. While reading about Columbus on Columbus Day, I stumbled upon the following:

8. Columbus was an opium addict, the same drug used in producing modern-day heroin.

9. There is genetic evidence that Columbus and his men brought the sexually transmitted disease Syphilis to Europe.

What an amazing hero! Just today’s thoughts…

Going to high school in the mid 90s, computers wasn’t as modern as they were today. Our school was 97% Macintosh, 2% Apple IIE, 1% PC. These were the old Mac II’s I believe. There was only 1 PC that had a modem and hooked to a phone line, so I stayed in that room. Since then, I didn’t look back and over the years seemed to forget about the Apple OS. Over the past couple of years, I noticed an increase in Mac purchases. Many friends who were tired of spyware and viruses, made the move away from Windows to the Apple world.
Everyone always asks me for help with their computers when things go south; 100% of which are all PC issues. Never had an issue with Apple. Recently posted an ad on Craigslist asking if anyone had an old MAC computer they wanted to get rid of. One person responded, stating that he could install OS X on my PC. I had heard about this some time ago, ago and hadn’t yet gave it a shot. So, last week I installed OS X on an older Dell GX270 (P4). Seems to be working nicely. The whole purpose of this is to learn a new OS in an attempt to broaden my knowledge in the IT world. Although I’m sure in the corporate world, Apple doesn’t quite have the grip that Microsoft has.

Recently finished my degree, and have started studying for my A+ certification.  While finishing up my degree, I discovered that the Air Force will pay $4500 dollars to take classes for certifications.  Further research revealed that the Air Force offered free training CBT’s (Computer Based Training).  These CBT’s cover A+ and Network + just to cover a few.  My goal is to be certified on A+, Network+ and Security+ prior to me getting out of the Military in 4 years.  The only thing the Air Force will not pay for is the test fee’s.

Another labor day is upon us.  Cooler weather is here, but not as cool as last year.  It has been a sweltering hot summer as we’re looking forward to some cooler weather.

We were planning a camping this weekend, but the hurricane (or lack there of) and Audrey’s reaction to mosquito bites caused us to change our plans. 

We are looking forward to the upcoming holidays and of course my birthday too (October 18th). 

After paying someone to mod my kids PSP, I decided to attempt to mod the WII myself.  It was quite easy and didn’t take as long as I anticipated.  The longest part is downloading the games to a USB hard drive.








This screen shows the games that are downloaded to the hard drive.

Here is the main screen with the home brew channel.  The Homebrew Channel is the channel that gives you access to the Games that are downloaded on the USB hard drive.







Like the PS3, the WII can now play movies and music from your network wirelessly.








Here’s the WII Media Center main Screen.  As you can see, I have my recorded TV Shows, movies, and music on there.  Works really well, in fact, the WII plays some video files that the PS3 will not play.


I did have an issue where a game would not play off of the HD and had to put the disc in.  but other than that, it has been smooth sailing thus far.