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Farm Fossilling

Tried to find some fossils in the creek at the farm:  

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Yet another post

Yet another post… I absolutely lost track of how long its been.  I have lost all interest in this website.  Since I am no longer in the military and since I no longer serve overseas, there’s not really a need

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Christmas 2011

As the year of the rabbit comes to an end, the year of the Dragon quickly approaches. 2011 was a good year, filled with many ups and downs, good times and bad times. 2011 seemed to last about as long

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Christmas is coming

With only 7 days and counting until Christmas 2011,  I must admit, this is among the worst Christmases ever.  Although being deployed during Christmas was certainly not fun, Christmas without money is almost equally no fun.  Retirement from the Air

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Post Surgery…

You know, being on convalescent leave is not too bad.  I mean, I get paid to lay around the house and get better.  In fact, I got 18 days off for free.  These days don’t count  against my 30 days

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Fall is almost upon us…

Finally the blistering summer heat is behind us (hopefully).  Fall is only 1 week away;  Bringing cooler weather and some of the best holidays of the year.  The kids are finally in school this month, and are doing well thus

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Happy Laborday 2010!!!

Another labor day is upon us.  Cooler weather is here, but not as cool as last year.  It has been a sweltering hot summer as we’re looking forward to some cooler weather. We were planning a camping this weekend, but

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New Computers

Greetings all… Since I haven’t replaced any computers in quite a while now, I figured it was time get the family a new computer or two. Picked the kids up an Compaq from Best buy. Ordered myself a barebones kit

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We moved to Virginia.  From Japan, we got here on July 4th.  Finally  moved in our house, finally got CABLE & Internet.  More later… I almost forgot I even had a blog.

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Happy New Year

Greetings fellow reader(s): I hope all everyone has  had a wonderful Christmas, regardless of what religious background you claim.  I had a great Christmas with my Family this year.  Of course, any Christmas one spends with thier family would certainly

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