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Columbus Day

What a boring Columbus Day. Not that I’m celebrating this day. hey, it’s another paid day off work. While reading about Columbus on Columbus Day, I stumbled upon the following: 8. Columbus was an opium addict, the same drug used

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Happy Laborday 2010!!!

Another labor day is upon us.  Cooler weather is here, but not as cool as last year.  It has been a sweltering hot summer as we’re looking forward to some cooler weather. We were planning a camping this weekend, but

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Fathers Day

Happy Father’s Day. Fathers Day started in June of 1910, when a lady who was raised by her father was listening to a Mother’s Day Sermon, and wanted her father to know how special he was. Her father’s birthday was

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  Happy Veterans Day!!! Happy Veterans Day all! It’s a bit rainy here in Northern Japan… don’t think it has stopped in 3 or 4 days. Still working on CSS, tweaking my main site here and there, & trying to

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