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Settleing In

Finally we’re starting to get settled in, here in Hampton Roads.  Yesterday our house hold goods finally arrived from Japan.  It’s funny how much stuff a family accumilates over a number of years.  We still have boxes of stuff we

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We moved to Virginia.  From Japan, we got here on July 4th.  Finally  moved in our house, finally got CABLE & Internet.  More later… I almost forgot I even had a blog.

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Happy Holidays

Greetings all… It has been quite a while since I’ve written. Since my last posting, I have been TDY to Qatar. It is late, and I’m tired, I’ll have to write something more later. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

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Another Day down, and that much closer to the baby’s surgery. Audrey is scheduled for surgery on the 9th of July. Audrey and I fly into Hawaii on the 6th, and our appointments start the next day. Not only do

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June Updates…

Finals are finally done!!!  I will not be taking classes this summer.  Things are just too hectic around the house, with Audrey having surgery and all.  Now that this class is over, I’ll have time to do some things I

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Camp/Trail Ride — 日米合同 ジムニー 林道 四駆 ツーリング

This was the long awaited, camp and trail ride.  I was really looking forward to this.  I got a chance to hang out with some great people and do some offroading.  Although I was not driving a Jimny, I think

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May Updates…

Greetings all… Once again, it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything.  I’ve been staying extremely busy.  I’m taking 2 more classes, as I’ve mentioned before and the Algebra class is whoopin’ my buttocks.  I thought I was good in

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another Off Road Adventure

Looks like we’re planning another off road trip to the Mountains this weekend.  Weather Permitting of course.  We’ll see what happens.

Saturday Mountain Exploring Trip

Today we went out exploring/trail riding in the mountains in Norther Japan.  This was an awsome ride and I posted pics & videos on my website.  If you want to download the video’s they are in .avi & .flv format

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Sunday Drive

Today, we went out for a Sunday drive. When we left, we wasn’t really sure where we were going, started heading toward Tawada, then changed direction and ended up in Hatch. We went to the Pia Do Mall walked around