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Here’s the assignment for Lab3. The next class session will show us .


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Over 6 months…

It has been just over 6 months since my last post. Not that I’m counting. I have successfully completed my 1st semester of school and am half way through my second semester. Haven’t taken the 1st CompTIA certification test yet,

January 2012!

Sure doesn’t seem like it’s 2012 already.  I mean… couple of days ago it was only 2011… For me, classes start next week.  This time I’m taking 4 classes as I work toward my CompTIA certifications. I’m super-excited to get

Yet another new look

Yet another year is about to pass, as such, so should the old look. I was going for a “paper” look, to match the “theme” I have for my main site. Doesn’t really match, but it will work.  It is

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A+ Certification

Recently finished my degree, and have started studying for my A+ certification.  While finishing up my degree, I discovered that the Air Force will pay $4500 dollars to take classes for certifications.  Further research revealed that the Air Force offered

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Rain Rain… where have you been.

We have been plagued with an unusually dry summer this year.  Finally it has been raining all day, and there is a HUGE glob of green and yellow on the Weather Channel’s radar and it’s a welcome site.  I’m sure

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Fall is almost upon us…

Finally the blistering summer heat is behind us (hopefully).  Fall is only 1 week away;  Bringing cooler weather and some of the best holidays of the year.  The kids are finally in school this month, and are doing well thus

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English Class 1st Essay

I posted my first Essay today. It was to be on a Hero, and we are to explain why he/she was a hero in our eyes. I didn’t want to choose a military hero, as there are thousands of those,

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Last two Classes

Monday I start my last two classes (English & Psychology). After this, I’ll have a college degree. Whatever that means… I’ll have another piece of paper to hang on the wall. Now, my kids don’t have an excuse!

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Happy Labor Day!!!

The weather here in Virginia is starting to cool down, as the Summer highway quickly comes to an end.

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