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SEO Cheat Sheet

Here’s a great cheat sheet from SEO Cheat Sheet

Why DNA could be the future of data storage –

Researchers at ETH Zurich, in Switzerland, believe that fossilized DNA may hold the key to preserving huge amounts of data for millennia. Source: Why DNA could be the future of data storage –

Farm Fossilling

Tried to find some fossils in the creek at the farm:  

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Social Engineering / Hack attempt

Today I received a phone call at 5:24PM (CST) from (281) 593-3503 showed up on caller ID as Cleveland, TX. This is the 2nd call from this person, who had a strong foreign accent. The first time I received a

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WordPress Migration

Finally migrated my WordPress blog from the WP/ folder to the root directory, making it my main CMS for and My todo list is: Work on menu’s Work on integration of Photo Gallery Update Photo gallery enough for

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I have been wanting a kayak for sometime now.  I posted on craigslist to trade my Toshiba Excite Tablet for a Kayak and received a response.  The kayak was far from new condition, but since I never used my tablet

Yet another post

Yet another post… I absolutely lost track of how long its been.  I have lost all interest in this website.  Since I am no longer in the military and since I no longer serve overseas, there’s not really a need

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Christmas Pic

Merry Christmas from our Family to yours!

Christmas 2012

Yet another Christmas is upon us. I’ve all but given up on this blog… But, it doesn’t really matter. Because I just made a post! In fact. I often wonder if I’m just wasting my money on this website.  When

Intro to programming class

Finally took an intro to programming class.Here’s the first program we worked on: // REMOVED CODE… Not an Operating system or anything, but it’s a little something to learn with.